Castle Retzow
the history of the castle.

Our eventful History

The history of Retzow Castle traces back centuries. Originally, the property resided in the slavic village of Retzow and was in the possession of the Kerkberg family, until 1787 when the ownership went to the Hammerstein family. In 1800, they commissioned the construction of the estate in the classicist form, which has been preserved perfectly until today. This style of architecture is recognisable on Retzow Castle by the 17 shafts and the Tuscan columns that run through the building, which hold up the building’s Avant-corps, the striking triangular pediment. An air of majesty and royalty is created by the scenic driveway and the grandiose staircase, which welcome you as you enter the castle. Another staircase on the back side of the building leads to the surrounding castle park.

Before the second world war, the entire village of Retzow was taken over by the German air force, and Retzow Castle was used as a school for aviation. After the war, the estate became a home for refugees from the German eastern territories before it became a nursing home in 1951. The entire property was empty from 1994 until 2012, until the Danish businessman Lars Fogh purchased the proptery and carefully restored it to its former state.

Interesting & eventful.