Castle Retzow
in the generous frame.

Get married in Retzow castle

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many important decisions that have to be made. One of which is, of course, the location. Retzow Castle is grandiose, historical, and combines exclusivity and privacy to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.

At the heart of the Belle Floor is the large ballroom, where you and up to 100 guests can celebrate your wedding vows after getting officially married in the wedding hall, since this location is also an official branch of the registry office of Röbel. Upon request, you can rent the entire castle for your wedding, so that you and your guests can enjoy your time and celebrate together. With this option, all apartments, facilities, and the spacious English castle park are made available to you.

We will gladly support you with the organization of your event, and we will lend you our expertise using our connections to our capable regional partners.

Festive & tasteful.