Castle Retzow
Let the soul
dangle with us.

Welcome to castle Retzow

A residence with soul & history. Retzow Castle has had an eventful history. It was first built as a manor in 1800 in pure classicist style. For the past 220 years it has served many different functions, such as a school for German aviation, housing for refugees, and a nursing home. In 2012, a Danish businessman named Lars Fogh purchased the property. Since then he has delicately restored the property in order to bring back the grand atmosphere.

Today, the castle serves as the perfect place for modern ‘royalty‘, because the 13 holiday apartments can be rented. All representative rooms are available for use by the residents. You can use the big hall for exclusive celebrations or family gatherings, stroll along the terrace in the English castle park that encircles the 7 hectare south estate, and linger under the massive trees.

In the Belle floor, there are small lounges, the English study with a bar, and the library. These can be freely used by all residents as meeting places.

The 13 apartments are uniquely customized with a mix of antique and new furniture, so that every room has its own special charm, and even grandiose rooms feel like home.

We’re looking forward to your visit & wish you a wonderful stay here.