Castle Retzow
Your time out active.

Experiences in Retzow castle

The Retzow Castle is located between two idyllically areas, where you can recover and relax in nature among the region of Mecklenburg. The further Lords of the castle have choosen this place with caution – wide mixed forests near by, countless smaller and bigger lakes in all cardinal points, in the north the Müritz-Nationalpark and in the east the Mecklenburgische Kleinseenplatte.

In the middle of this surrounding you have countless possibilities become active in nature. Go for hiking, range through fields, forrests and meadows, observe white-tailed sea aegles, cranes, deer and many others native animals, explore lakes by canoe which are related by small canals, go for sailing at the Müritz or enjoy the wind by surfing.

We are happy to give you further informations and helpful tips for your stay – for water sports, biking and many other excursion destinations for sightseeing.

Varying & idyllically.